Surgery is scheduled

Just got the call from my NS. Surgery scheduled for Jan 16th and I have to go in for pre op testing. I’m so nervous. I know this is very necessary but I can’t help but think that someone will be inside my BRAIN! And what if I wake up during the surgery and then I lose my breath and start to cry. I know I can’t continue to suffer the way that I am now. I believe that GOD will see me through but sometimes my own thoughts get the best of me. Wonder if this is a normal reaction

It's natural to be nervous! I promise the surgery wasn't anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be! I too have an insane fear of waking up during surgery but the anesthesiologist reassured me that they monitor your brainwaves during the procedure and they will know if you are waking up.

hang in there, all will be fine, you can do this, im the biggest baby in this world and I made it thru it, your stronger than you know, all will be fine, god will be by your side....ali

Thanks ladies. This is all just so surreal. I begged God to reveal what was wrong with me because i knew something was not right and asked Him for healing and I got both a diagnosis and a GREAT NS. It’s amazi.g that I can take some pretty gruesome things in my career but when it comes to my pain level I’m one big baby…thanks for all of the encouragement guys. Hopefully I can’t stop panicking

And by the way…was anyone add bummed out as I am that I cannot go to the hair salon for about 6 weeks…I don’t know how I will manage because I go religiously every other week…:frowning:

Just think how much better you’re going to feel. I’m still doing the doctor shuffle my first thought was that you’re so lucky the solution is almost here. That being said I will probably have the same type fears, it’s going to be great

True Brandi…I should be happy that this isn’t the past 8 years with no end in sight…so u are totally right! Im gonna look at this aagreat thing and cast my fears aside

Nerves are the most natural reaction. If you continue to get panicky you might want to ask the doc to prescribe you something .. maybe a couple Valium or Xanax.

It is normal. But to be honest (I was decompressed less than 3 weeks ago) so far this surgery has been easier than arthroscopic ankle surgery I had last year! And they only gave me 3 days off work for that! I was originally very scared to be decompressed, but once I scheduled it, suddenly became calm. And everything has gone beautifully. You are in the best hands possible (God’s hands!) and will do great!

Thanks Sparkyschic…so true, being in GODS HANDS is the safest place to be. Everyone here has been sooooo super supportive that I am kinda looking forward to this surgery. I sincerely thank everone who has helped calm my nerves. I think i would be goin insane if I didn’t have you all. Staying positive! If anyone had fears or this thing intimidates anyone like it had with me…please speak about it here. Everyone here is here to help!