Surgery in 2 days and I'm sick

Hey guys just curious my surgery is in 2 days and I woke up this morning with chest congestion coughing and sore throat and runny nose. … Praying they don’t cancel my surgery. … anyone else experience this

Talked to them today…no chest congestion and no fever so it’s still on as of right now. I will show up in the morning and they will see for sure but looks like it’s a go

Good luck today! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way!


Hope everything went well. Let us know when you are able.

Update surgery went well. I was done by 5 pm on tuesday night. Spent 1 night in icu and I night in a regular room. Came homeThursday at 7pm. Within 12 hours after surgery I already had a few minor symptoms relieved in my legs And hips But hard to tell with all the pain meds. I can not believe how well I feel. I was up walking that 2nd day. In the hospital. They told me I would be really nauseous on my drive home and I was not at all. Just taking pain meds every 4 hours. I really did not expect things to be going this well. I am so far very glad to have done the surgery

So glad to hear that things went well!

Wow! that's great! So glad to hear! Take it easy. Don't do too much.