Surgery has been scheduled!

Surgery has been scheduled for April 1st. I've been not doing well lately. Passing out, the Dr. said I have no room in my spine. Blocked flow, and suggested we do surgery right away!

I know this sounds stupid but I don't want my hair to be shaved off.
I want them to shave a little off. I've saw pictures of people getting like half of their hair cut off and I literally would cry over that.

Any suggestions before surgery? What to bring to the hospital?
Please tell me your experience after surgery. I've been talking to people online about their revorery and some are like I was good within a week.
I am only 16!
Thank you everyone for being there threw this process. <3

I have an appointment with Dr. Heffez on April 10. My husband and I are coming from Oklahoma. I am praying that surgery will be the answer and the end to all my pain/sickness. I don’t want my hair shaved either but will do it if that’s what it takes. Praying that you have healing soon! I would love to ask you some questions or your mom. We have never been to Wisconsin. Good luck!

I sent you a message :slight_smile:

I’m glad things have worked out so well so far. Might as well get in and get it done and be on the road to recovery.
My daughter also has Chiari with syrinx and is scheduled for surgery April 15. She is 15 so of course she was worried about her hair as well. Her NS said he would do just a small strip and it wouldn’t even show under her long hair unless she puts it up. I also bet that it will grow back so fast that you barely notice it.
Hang in there… Your on the road to recovery! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep is posted.

P.s. there is a great post on what to take to the hospital with you. Have a look at it. You might get some ideas.

I'm so glad you found a doctor to help you! You've been through so much! I'll be praying for a speedy recovery and resolutions of your symptoms! :)

Don't stress too much about the hair. My doctor only shaved a thin strip that was easily covered by the rest of my hair!