Surgery failure

Hi. Has anyone’s surgery ever failed? Did you need more? And for what reason? Also, can it fail after 2 years or come back? Because all my symptoms - plus new ones are coming back after 2 years and it’s really scaring me!

There are cases where surgery has failed. Other times there are conditions in addition to Chiari like POTS or EDS that can cause similar symptoms to reappear. Have you spoke with your NS about the symptoms? Have you had a follow-up CINE MRI to see if surgery fixed your csf flow?

I never even had a CINE MRI. I see everyone always talking about it. What is it?

A CINE MRI measures the flow of spinal fluid using a pulse ox to monitor your heart rate (spinal fluid moves with every beat). The MRI machine has a special software package that allows it to create a moving image so the doctor can see if your spinal fluid is blocked.

is that common to get with chiari? I was never ordered one…

Not all neurosurgeons order them. A lot of the ones who specialize in Chiari seem to. I believe they are more common if you don't have a very large herniation. If you are kind of borderline it helps the doctor determine if surgery will help you or not.

My herniation was 25mm. Also, do you know if after surgery should the cerebellar tonsils still be below the foramen magnum?

no, my dura wasn’t opened. and all my sympoms, and some new ones, are returning.

Do you think I’d need more surgery? I mean it was almost 2 years until my symptoms returned… Could it be from the dura not being opened 2 years later? =/