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Surgery during pandemic

I am scheduled for surgery in only 3 days. I am having second thoughts and wondering if I should wait out this covd-19 pandemic. The thing of it is: we don’t know how long this pandemic will last. If I don’t rush the surgery now it could take many months and all the worries I have now about doing the surgery during a pandemic could still be present many months or Evenyears(?) after this. Right now I haven’t been feeling to bad. I mostly have trouble sleeping at night but when I was taking ibuprofen and using essential oils I was sleeping ok. Now that I am off those due to preparation for surgery I am sleeping less due to head pressure and pain. In other words besides being worried about progressive symptoms I feel like I could wait. I am really worried about having the surgery now and then with the pandemic if I were to have complications due to surgery the concern of availability in the hospital for medical help and support. Also due to the pandemic the help and support post op home won’t be there. There is only one person to help me and that is my husband and with the economy tanking he is worried about his job like many others out there. I would normally have support from church members who would bring meals but with the pandemic probably not going to get that help either. My mom can’t fly in: she has to care for my dad with MS and my in-laws are in their 80s and I don’t have anyone else to help. I also have 3 young girls who are doing remote learning now from home. If I can’t help with school for the next several weeks due to recovery they are going to fall behind. What should I do? Also is anyone else worried about how your chiari will effect your body if you get this COVD19?

Did you have your surgery?

Yes Yesterday morning


I pray you are doing well and have a complete recovery.

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Hope you are feeling better today my surgery I was in Hospital for a weeks and then I had a nurse come to my house for 2 weeks they had me on major antibiotics .I have had 5 brain surgeries. I am praying for speedy recovery and happy life for you. Be careful with th iui s Virus thing. Stay ssfe

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Praying you are recovering well and healing quickly :purple_heart:

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