Surgery December 12

I have been set up for Surgery on December 12. I am having a craniectomy, duraplasty, and laminectomy. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Thanks for your help!

It's not so bad. Expect a stiff neck and a tough time sleeping in the ICU. Get a hemroid pillow to lay your staples in (you'll sleep better if you don't try sleeping on them.) Try not to laugh or smile too much post-op as it will pull on the surgical site. Get plenty of rest, and just take it easy for 4 weeks or so. You'll have lingering aches for months, but if you are having this surgery, you are probably used to worse.

Good luck!

Oh yeah - don't bother trying to sleep the night before. It really doesn't work.

My surgeon told me to take my pain meds exactly as prescribed when I got home from the hospital. He said not to wait for pain to take them. That would put you “behind” the pain, and you need to stay “ahead” of the pain. Check with your doctor, but my doctor advised to do this for about a week after surgery. Again, check with your doctor to be sure that this is the correct advise for your situation. Expect to be nervous from now until your surgery. Expect to be beyond nervous the day of your surgery, but they can usually give you something to help with that. I think the amount of pain post surgery depends on each individual. I know people who were off of pain meds after two weeks. I’m at 6 weeks post-op, and I still need my pain meds. It varies on your tolerance for pain. I will keep you in my prayers!

Silly thing for me. When I woke up in ICU, my family was waiting for me. I tried to say "hi" and couldn't talk at all! Scared me extremely bad, I thought something went wrong and I lost my voice. Husband told me, you had a breathing tube down your throat during surgery and will take a while to get your voice back! I never thought of that. Duh!

Honestly I found the surgery to be a lot easier than I expected. I was stiff and sore but I really wasn't in much more pain that I am typically. Before the surgery I was a nervous wreck!

This is a great post by Jen she recently had surgery and she's a nurse. Others chipped in too. I think it's the most complete list I have ever seen

We are here for you ever step of the way.