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Surgery Date


Hi Friends. I have not been in here since June. I decided to back away from all this for awhile in hopes that maybe I was just causing additional stress and things would get better. I had the surgery to fuse two bones in my cervical spine back in August. While that helped some things, it did not eliminate my headaches. And a lot of the other issues that Chiari tends to cause are still present. In October at my surgeon's request, I tried botox. This was the last medication available to me to try and control the constant headache/migraine. I feel it actually made the pain worse. After further consultation with my surgeon, I have decided that decompression surgery is right for me. My surgery date is December 7th, just two weeks away. I am really anxious and scared, but my surgeon has performed many of these with great success and never had any patients with complications. I know I am in good hands. I am now reflecting on what to do with my hair and if I should cut it before surgery or wait until my staples are out. Aside from that I am ready. My preop appointment is tomorrow.


Rese, best wishes with your surgery. I am glad you have confidence in your surgeon. Let us know how everything goes.