Surgery Date =)

Good evening everyone!! I have the date set for surgery.... July30th. My best friend is getting married July13th and I didn't want to be laid up and not share her big day!! I am so excited to feel good/normal again!! I have an amazing specialist at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan. it made all this so real when I got the scrip in the mail for blood work. I have to get it done 2 weeks before I go in. I am thankful for this website and others I am on because they have given me much needed comfort and support!! I seen a few pointers that I didn't think of..... like bring button up shirts and jama's so I don't have to pull anything over my head. I was wondering if there is anything else you all can tell me to bring or not bring with me. Also did you guys have visitors the da of or the next day. I am soooo blessed with amazing family and friends who want to be with me and wont take no for an answer. Should I stress to any of them to wait till the day after or just let them come the day of? I just don't ant them sitting around for 4-5 hours for the surgery and then who knows how long till I wake up and feel up to company??? Thank you all in advance your your thoughts and help!!!!

That’s great news! We’ll be praying for you. I would plan to NOT have visitors the day of. My husband was the only with me and did not exchange a single word that day, as I was so out of it. I slept the whole time and vomited a bit- that was it. I think even if I had, had the mental wherewithal I still wouldn’t have been able to speak your mouth gets so dry from the meds you can’t form words. Give yourself at least a day before you decide if you want visitors. You don’t want any extra stress while you are trying to recover.