Surgery date

I was given no choice but to have surfer now that have numbness in about 80% of my body. I am a little nervous but relieved at the same time. When I get home not sure to be in my bed or on the couch. We have a sectional that I lay on everyday. Should I lie down or sitting more upright?

Hi Hope!

Your surgeon will advise you on that. It might depend partly on what approach they use. I was not up to moving around a whole lot the first couple days after surgery -- still recovering from the anesthetic. I had a suboccipital craniotomy & C1 laminectomy (they hadn't scheduled the lami, but once they got in there, they realized it had to be removed as well). I was discharged from the hospital 28 hours after surgery began, went home & was cleared to resume jogging 3 days post-op. It took 2 weeks for me to be cleared to drive & that was the biggest struggle because the muscle in my neck atrophied so I do not have quite as much range of motion as I did pre-op. Still, I am very happy that I went through the procedure. They had prepared me that most of the time surgery only halts progression of symptoms rather than reverse symptoms, but I was lucky that my neurologist caught it early & my PCP encouraged me to have the surgery while I was still young & healthy so the black spots in my vision field resolved and the vertigo responds to balance exercises that I got in vestibular therapy. I get lazy sometimes & don't keep up with the exercises & then the dizziness returns, but once I get back on track with them, I'm good to go again. I will be 13 years post-op this summer. Best decision of my life!

Wishing you the very best with your surgery!