Surgery date fast approaching

Well, I am due to have my surgery in 12 days!! The closer it gets, the more nervous I get. The crazy thing is that lately, I've been having really good days. I mean REALLY good days. Outside of the fatigue, the headaches have been minimal and bearable. I think my brain is trying to trick me into believing that I dont need the surgury. I've had some REALLY bad days in the past but more recently things have been good. Its making me second guess myself and my decision to have the surgery. I dont like this feeling. I keep asking myself whether or not I'm making the right decision. I am so torn right now! I mean things have been realy great (hope I didnt jinx myself) lately. Is this realy the right thing for me? Is this the right time? Help me?!!

hahaha... omg you're probably just excited that you're finally getting the help you've wanted for so long and that can have a really positive effect on your whole being :) I personally find it very easy to not second guess this. All you have to do is think about all the misery and pain you've been through because, not to be a downer but, after this good mood goes away, all that pain is coming right back.

I'm imagining what you must feel like right now though. I'll hopefully be getting surgery in a couple months and I can guarantee that I'll be freaking the F out with happiness and a hint of fear. I know the pain is going to suck afterwards but hopefully that time will fly right by :)

I'm excited for you and hope everything goes perfectly :) much lovvvve<3

I so understand this, my daughter just had the surgery on Tuesday. She had such a rough time coming out from the anesthsia ( spelling-sorry I cant spell) my husband and I both had moments of What did we do to her....after her neurosurgeon came back to talk to us he explained how crowded it was in there.SO he confirmed the MRI's were right- regardless of her symptoms, her good and bad days- she had an abnormality and surgery helped that! You will do great, lots of love and prayers coming your way!!!!!!!!

My symptoms would wax and wane at first. I would be symptom free for a few months, then BAM!!!. I had no rest from it. After 4 months of CM torment, I was desperate. I had surgery on March 12, that was combined with a laminoplasty. CM is still not fully understood, but it appears to worsen over time and cause nerve damage. It such a personal and hard decision. I've had a lot of post-op pain (more from the laminoplasty, then the Chiari surgery). I wouldn't recommend combining surgeries like I did. My surgeon thought since he was already in there, he might as well take care of all the business and save me time off of work. Its been trying, but I'm feeling better every day. I don't regret the surgery, as I couldn't stand living like I was before surgery. The majority of people get some relief. I know a woman who had surgery ten years ago and has been symptom free since. Good Luck with your decision. At about 6 weeks post-op I woke up and the cloud in my head was gone, just like that.

Thanks guys for all of your support. I had a jolt back into reality on yesterday. Well it really started Saturday night and ran through yesterday. I had to take two doses of Diamox (eight hours in between of course) and other meds in between just to last through it!! If some of you guys havent tried it, Diamox works really well for me. It kinda make you feel "tingly" when you first start taking it but that goes away with time. It really does help relieve some of the pressure in my head. Reminded me of why I need the surgery. Well, 8 days and counting!

My daughter and I just had a conversation about this today. I can not tell her to push forward with surgery or walk away. I did tell her though that her 24/7 pain is now her new normal. It's familiar and has become a constant companion. Surgery and beyond is unknown...heck at least you know what to expect living this way...

These are feelings we have when it comes to changing a job, moving to a new town, ending a toxic relationship. OF COURSE one would feel that way about decompression surgery but emotions have to be set a side for a bit to really look at things on a practical, rational level.

Don't know what my Lynn really thought of that speech. Hope you find a little peace :)