Supporting Friends

Hi Katy (@katyH),

Thank you for joining us! I am always excited when I see friends or family of Chiari patients taking to our network.

Just because you are a friend, don’t feel like you have nothing to contribute to the conversation. Please do not feel the need to lurk in the shadows and just listen. Of course, there is a time and place for that, it is important to let people talk, especially patients. It is also important for us to hear from you! That way patients hear, in a non-threatening, accepting way, what ‘ordinary people’ don’t understand about them. How they react to the things that many patients can not do. Of course, patients see this reaction all the time, but rarely see others’ reactions overtime or once it is processed!

Never forget to ask questions, just don’t be too overbearing. It is a difficult line that I must ride as well.


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