Sunny days in Ireland

Today is the start of our heatwave! (It’s supposed to hit 23°C this week! Yes this qualifies as a heatwave, we melt if it gets hotter) I used to love the sun and get plenty of exercise running like hell away from wasps or bees, anything that buzzes, I’d sooner take my chances with a tiger but I’m rambling (as I do, a lot) But my question is does anybody else find that if they go out to the sun for more than a few minutes they get a much worse headache and feel massively drained? Like they have zero energy? Wondering if it’s just another bad day or if maybe the sun is a trigger?

That sounds very close to what I’m talking about, plus it’d explain why my temperature, blood pressure and heart rate have been so erratic over the last few years… Is there any way to get formally diagnosed? Any tests?

I would ask your doctor about POTS. Meanwhile make sure you stay hydrated because inadequate hydration is what zaps most people when outdoors. They say most people stay mildly dehydrated without being aware so it's extra important to drink lots of water when in the heat!

Yeah I’ll make sure to do that :slight_smile: we don’t get many hot days over here so that could most definitely be a factor, I’ve never been good with heat to be honest, I just get sapped and feel so weak and dizzy and I made sure to eat properly just in case my blood sugar dropped or something but nothing made any difference so far! I will make sure to stay hydrated though, hopefully that’ll help!