Suggestions on medications that work, please

When I was first diagnosed, I had been taking Lyrica. Since then I have been on Gabapentin. It seemed to work in the beginning, but now I am having more and more breakthrough pain. Any suggestions? I am curious as to what everyone is taking, for what symptoms and what has work for you. Thanks!!! Hope everyone is having a pain free say :)

Hi Nicolee,

It is horrible being in pain all the time. Hopefully you can get with your doctor and discuss pain management. I have taken every pain medication known to man & first I am going to give you the best advice I can. When you take Narcotics or Opiods fours things happen: 1) You constantly have to increase the dosage because your body gets used to the dose you are on & needs more to get the same pain relief. 2) Most are highly addictive. 3) Your own pain endorphins stop working. 4) They ruin your sleep patterns. Amitriptylene a pain medication for Neuralgia works very well. I also take Tramadol a synthetic pain medication, Klonipin a musle relaxer & anxiety medication, Valium -I use it as a muscle relaxer as it was developed for. Trazadone-fabulous sleeping medication. It's an older drug but much better than newer sleeping medications & I will take ocassionally percocet for a breakthrough pain medication. Please remember all medications effect people differently . Your doctor is the best person to discuss pain medication with. I have never taken Lyrica but I know you can have major weight gain as a sideffect. Gabapentin or Neurontin worked horribly for me. I took a very high dose for over a year and threw it away one day & my pain was exactly the same without it. Nothing I tell you takes the place of your physician. It's best to work as a team to find you the best combinations of medication to help you. Please let us know how you are doing and know we will always be here for you & I really hope you get pain relief soon.

Tracy Z.