Substitution for Neurontin (Gabapentin)?

Does anyone know if there is another drug, other than Neurontin, that works for calming the tingling and burining in the arms and hands? I am having a hard time with Neurontin, it makes me so sleepy that I can't stay awake while driving. I've stopped taking it and the pain in my arms and hands is bad. It really helps with the symptoms but I have to drive! I have tried Topamax and that didn't work. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Terri in MN

There are several Medications that work along the same lime as Neurontin, Kepra, Tegretal, Amitriptylene Topamax,...I don't even remember any others because they didn't work for me at all but the side effects were horrible.. Any time you are taking CNS Medications it is going to make you sleepy and slow your system down and a lot of people have weight gain. Their is even an extended release of Neurontin now. Amitriptylene works well, but most people take it at night because it makes them so sleepy. I do take 75 mg. of Amitriptylene at night. Definitely ask your Dr. to switch you to something else.

Hope something works Terri !!!

You can also try either lyrica or cymbalta.

Thanks for the help! I do take Cymbalta and that helps with the headaches but not with the arm/hand/feet pain. I am on 300 mg of Neurontin and the NL laughed at that amount and said it would do nothing for me (wrong again, doc!). I have tried Amitriptylene, Nortriptylene, Topamax, and Lyrica. Roz, I will check out Keppra! Thanks again!