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Stumped in Maryland - looking for the right pillow (one that supports my neck.)

I’m 58 and a mom. I was diagnosed and decompressed in 96. It’s been a rocky road. What pillow works and what pillow doesn’t work? What’s been your experience? I had a good travel memory foam pillow, with a contour to support the neck which was great. I think it went south (got too soft). And I took a turn for the worst. I’m shopping for a new one - should I get the same pillow?
Mili cat

Hi Milocat,I came across a site called Zipperheads,they have special pillows for Chiarians,apparently designed by a now deceased Neurosurgeon who specialised in Chiari.I read some of the comments and everyone seemed to like them.It explains what they are made from,lots of info ,am hoping to get one myself as soon as finances allow.I just googled Zipperheads as Id seen the logo in images when i googled Chiari.Loved their purple zip ribbon.I had 18 staples after my op last year and it did resemble a zip,just a little humour in a not very funny condition.Those pillows I seen ,you can add or remove filling to suit your need.

Thanks ladies. The advice worked. I’ll get old faithful (the memory foam that always worked for me). And the adjustable zipperhead (thanks). I’m excited that I’ll be able to adjust my cervical alignment just right. Milocat