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Strange images on Stepdaughter’s X-RAY

Hi All, I have been in the middle of a move and still whirling from months of homeschooling so it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. I have a question for you guys and I know that they are just opinions and I am not seeking medical advice. Most of you know that my 11 yo daughter was diagnosed with Chiari last August. She also has been diagnosed with EDS. Her older sister has been having severe migraines and neck/back pain more often than she has had in the past. She is 27 and otherwise very healthy. She has been seeing a chiropractor for awhile but has gotten worse since her last visit. He did xrays and the image of her skull is startling. She has never had any surgery. I should also note that she was told around 9 yo that she had an extra vertebrae (the chiropractor actually just told her she actually has what looks like tethered cord—he described it but did not use those words. I am uploading the image of her skull for opinions on what this may be in her head. Her dr nor the chiropractor could offer any suggestions other than perhaps it is a piece of bone??? Any thoughts guys? I’ve encouraged her to try to get an MRI and to stay away from the chiropractor. Thank you all in advance for any insight and I pray everyone is well :purple_heart:

Be careful with chiro work- they can do more damage than good, Check for retroflexed dens on the “bone-anomoly”.

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Hi, just one more thought- I had bone-anomolies on an MRI that went misdiagnosed. Finally, the second neurosurgeon went over my MRI again, and found a retroflexed dens ( as I mentioned in last post), but I forgot to add, they also found cranio-cervical instability- so I’d ask about both.
I hope your daughter’s strange bone-anomolies are just minor/incidental findings-
That’s great you’re being so proactive!