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''Stinging'' Scalp Pain

Hello. I am new to all this and find eveything a bit overwhelming. This place looks like a GREAT place for resources and support though so I am happy to have found it.

I have not quite been diagnosed yet. My Chiropractor noticed something on a year old MRI, and told me that I had a ‘‘slight’’ Chiari malformation. He said it was nothing to worry about according to the Radiologist. I decided to call a Chiari clinic who directed me to get a new MRI, fax them the report, and they will decide if they need to take me on as a patient or not. Well I did get the call, and they are taking me as a new patient in just under a month.

I have had all kind of different symptoms over the last year and it was getting pretty frustrating. I see 1 year is VERY minimal compared to some of the time elapsed before finding answers for a lot of people, so I now consider myself lucky.

My main question right now is, is there anything that I can take to reduce the stinging scalp pain that I have? I am supposed to fly to London (from the US) in two days. I am taking my two sons on a trip and I am trying to not be miserable for them to enjoy it. Aspirin does not seem to do the trick. Nor 500mg Naproxen. I was just curious if anyone has run into this scalp pain and found a remedy.

I also wanted to say Thank you ALL for contributing to this page. You touch more peoples lives then you probably know!