Steroid injection

Just a heads up. There has been a total recall of a steroid injection. If you have had one within the last 4-6 weeks please be aware of the warning signs. If you are at all concerned contact the location where it was received. The warning signs for meningitis are headache, stiff neck and fever. I know we all have most of those all the time anyway but if you have had any steroid injection p,ease do not ignore these or chalk it up to just another chiari symptom.

This is sickening! It makes me so angry that anyone has to deal with this on top of whatever they had the injection for in the first place. I understand that contamination can happen, but this can be life theatening!

Do you know the name of the Steroid? Or if it's just in certain areas or the whole US?

Thank you Beeba for Warning Everyone !!!...... I will research this also for any additional Information .

This is a very tragic situation. Many of our Members have had Meningitis, including myself. This is actually Fungal Meningitis. The Steroids in question was sent to 23 states. I agree with Beeba & Emmaline, if you have had any Spine Injections over the past 4-6 weeks please contact the Doctor or Facility where you had the injections

This does not cause Prednisone injections does it? In the arm....

I did have injections on Sept 12th and again on Oct 2nd. The stiff neck part is always present - one of the reasons why I had the injections in the 1st place. Also, I never get fevers - even when my white blood-cell count is out of whack. In April when my appendix was leaking and I was in extreme pain, my white cell count was over 23,000 mcl. I should have had a raging fever. Other than being a little dizzy today, I have no symptoms. The Pain Institute that I went too assured me that they didn't not buy from that manufacturer.

New Information on the Steroid Injection & Fungal Meningitis

check out my previous post regarding the states that are affected & additional information.

Beeba said:

Jen - not sure which ones are effected - but please look into it. A prednisone injection is a steroid injection.

Is it safe to have a steroid shot now? I'm supposed to get an occipital nerve block next week.

Thanks Beeba. I will check when I go in, the practice I'm at is the largest in my area so I can't imagine they would still have any of the stock from that company.

Beeba said:

Please do check bmintz92 your state has the highest count of incidence. Don't mean to be alarming.

Yesterday, I made an appointment for another Occipitial Major Nerves block. I had them injected two years ago & we didn't know if it would work or for how long. Everyone is different. I am sure all Dr's and facilities know by now if they have tainted steroids. I asked when I made the appt. & will ask the Dr. before the injections.