Steriods = Relief....Thank God!

After another 13 days of not being able to lift my head up, move without wanting to vomit and pain, pain, pain. I finally gave in and went to my PCP. I have not found much that has helped with the pain and I usually just deal with it, but I couldn't "just deal with it" anymore! I went in the asking for anything, lol, something to even take the edge off. So, she put me on a round of steriods. Thank you lord!!! The next day I had two hours that were headache free, the next day I was almost completely headache free. I still have pain, but NOTHING compared to what it had been! I was actually able to eat, do laundy and go outside for a little while. It doesn't sound like much, but it felt so good!

I should have gone in sooner. It was my own fault, but pain meds do not help, so I figured what was the use, what can she do. I wished I would have thought of the steriods! I know they won't control it forever, but a break sure is nice.

Has anyone else used steriods to help with the headaches? What dosages did they use?

I don’t do too well with steroids but my dr. Has given me the toradol(NSAID), reglan, Benadryl combo for when I get to that point. It typically works. What is most helpful is to decrease the inflammation which sounds like what is best for you, hence your response to the steroid.

i was on dethamexasome for almost 2 months after my surgery i started at a few mg (somewhere between 5-10 i think, i cant really remember much from right after my surgery) and was taken off very slowly. all the way down to 1/2 mg every other day, but i was the same way i couldnt sit up without vomiting, sometimes it was the other way, i couldnt lay down... but the steroids helped a lot, however they made me gain a lot of weight.

I was given steroids to break a headache (60 mg Prednisone). I also experienced major relief from my headache pain until I started to titrate down in dose, then the pain came back. At an effective dose, however, the side effects from the Prednisone were HORRIBLE. I felt like I had gone nuts.