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Started the Scheduling Process for Surgery


I just let my doctor’s office know that I would like to proceed with surgery and am anxious now!! Someone had written in a post that you know it is bad, when brain surgery sounds like a good idea, and I am at that point. What can I expect now? How has everyone else prepared for surgery? What was required beforehand? How can I get myself in the best shape for the surgery and recovery? Thank you in advance!!

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Dear CLH, Congrats on Brain Surgery! I’m kidding… it’s a very scary process to go thru. I have CM1, surgery was Dec 2018. My only recommendation is not to over research the procedure. It will only add to your anxiety. I wanted to watch an actual surgery in YouTube but my family said “no way, if you view it you won’t have the surgery”. So my niece printed out a very generic procedure and we went thru it step by step. There is so much information about this condition on the Web - sometimes the easier the better in my case.

Good Luck! Hope you have a speedy recovery.


Thank you! I hope you are recovering well!!


Hey CLH,
I’m going to make this sound easy… BUT… I know it is NOT.
To be honest, there isn’t all that much you can do. From this point the best thing you can do is ‘accept’. Accept that you need surgery. Accept that from here it’s all up to the medicos and accept that you have no control over any of it.
What can you expect? Best case scenario, they operate, you take the time you NEED (not just the time recommended but the time needed) to recover and all is fine. Worst case scenario… …don’t even go there, not unless you need to and you won’t know this until after surgery.
How has everyone else prepared for surgery? Try to keep yourself calm and collected (and if you succeed in doing this, tell me how). I’ve required a few neuro procedures and for the initial operation I was apprehensive because I didn’t know what coming, but for the later operations I knew and to say I was a ball of stress would be a HUGE understatement but again I had to come to some level of acceptance that it was all out of my hands, out of my control and in the hands of the surgeon and his team.

I MUST agree with ‘rissap’, DO NOT go searching on YouTube/Google. It maybe OK for family/caregivers to have a look. But as the patient don’t do it, it will only stress you out more. Let the dr’s do their job.
And best of luck with it all.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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