Staples out today

Staples come out today and I talk some more to Doc B about the vision and other problems and see if we can control the pain better. I hope we can at least control the pain better as I feel like the back of my head has been a pinata for several consecutive parties. With all the pain (I know it will go away some time), but I am starting to wonder when it will go away and was it worth it? I really hope it was and pray it did not worsen the symptoms.

Good Luck today!

The pain will get better. My son thought the first 10 days the surgery didn’t work because his head hurt so bad. Now he is doing great after 3 weeks after surgery and hasn’t had anything for pain since 2 weeks out not even Tylenol or advil, which shocks me. He said it only hurts right now going from laying to sitting or standing. Week 3 he has been a different kid or should I say teenage. It will get better but it just takes time. He is still tired a lot but his nauseousness is going away too. I pray your pain goes away soon and good luck at your appt.

Hope it goes well today. I have to second that getting the staples out helped me on my comfort level.

Haven't you had 2 surgeries this year? I would imagine that would be harder on your body so your pain level may be higher for awhile.


How exciting!! Hope all goes well. Please keep up the news feeds for me, I hopefully will have my date for surgery soon and I’m reading all your posts. Keep smiling. Stacey :slight_smile:

Hi all thanks for the encouragement but I posted what happened, not good in my opinion and very scared.