Spine Problems?

Is anyone else experiencing problems with your spine? My thoracic (mid back) hurts all the time. I just thought it was from my injury a few years ago. And my low back keeps going out. Which causes pain and numbness down my left leg. I always have numbness and tingling in my feet and sometimes my calves. I start to freak out when it goes into my calves because a couple of years ago I lost all feeling in my body from my nipples down and lost the ability to walk. They of coarse told me it was all in my head and then sent me to a rehab center for a week. And I had psychologists coming in everyday to talk about what is going on in my life that would make me want to do this? Do you need attentions is that why you are doing this? They hooked me up to a machine that shocks your body parts. Makes them move when you didn't do it. It freaked me out. But they had me up and walking again in about 4 days. And then intense PT after that. Oh and don't forget the OT guy who had to make sure I could dress my self, get in and out of the shower, fold wash cloths.

Thanks for any input you may have. Hope you all have a wonderful day :)

Thank you Abby. You are always full of great help. And you always know how to make a person feel better. Thanks again.