Spina bifida

My unborn baby has been diagnosed with spina bifida and chiari her defect is l4 l5 anyone have similar stories that can help me.

The vast majority of spina bifida patients have a Chiari II malformation, with >80% never having issues with it.

Most pediatric neurosurgeons will provide prenatal counseling(re in utero closure of spina bifida, postnatal care, etc).

If you haven't been referred for a consult, ask your perinatalogist/high risk OB, OB, whomever is caring for you during the pregnancy, for a neurosurgical consult and they will help with some guidance(I'm assuming this is an open defect, as most diagnosed in utero are, in which case the neurosurgeon will need to be involved shortly after delivery anyway).

Good luck and God bless.