Some Vitamin Questions

As I said in my profile- 3 drs have told me surgery is the answer and 1 has told me to wait and see. i tried the Neurontin. It was horrible- had pins and needles throughout my entire body rather than just my right arm, hand and leg. In addition, I had shortness of breath. I am young-ish, was rather active, and I am trying very hard to be "normal". I am terrified of the surgery and the recovery. But I am also greatly concerned with the surprise variety of my symptoms on a daily basis. I always have a head ache and pins/needles in my arm. The shoulder /neck pain comes and goes....I don't know. Back on track here.....I read that the B vitamins work on the nerves. I decided I would try a cocktail of B12, Super B Complex. D and E and see what happens- Has anyone taken natural remedies or vitamins/minerals to deal with symptoms? Any success? I suppose the worst that can come of that is that my body is getting the vitamins it needs.


I agree with Emmaline.....Vitamin D is very important & most women's levels are very low. B- Complex is amazing. I hope you can find a natural alternative to the medication that is bothering you. I take probiotics because of all the medication I take. It puts the good bacteria back in your digestive system. There are compounding pharmacies in my area and they also have large Natural Remedy departments and they always answer any questions I have. I hope you have somewhere like that or Ostepaths & Naturopaths are great with natural remedies. I see an Osteopath at times and he is wonderful !!!

Please get a full blood work-up before you start taking vitamins... I was taking B vitamins like crazy and it wasn't doing any good. Turns out I can't actually absorb B vitamins like normal folks. I have to do B12 shots every two weeks. (This started LONG before the chiari!) So even if you take a whole bottle, you would just pass it through your system. Other than the B12 shots, I take cal-mag, vitamin D and potassium pills (I'm taking water pills because of my horrendous swelling and they can strip you of potassium pretty quickly).

Good luck!! Keep us up to date on what you find out!
Katrina W.

I agree with everyone. I take Magnesium, Calcium, Vit D, B12 and B complex, occasionally Iron because I get low I also take Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil both are essential fatty acids. And I just got Bee Pollen/Royal Jelly because someone said it helps with energy. I have only taken it once so I don't know yet. I feel better when I take my vitamins for sure.You should definitely get the blood work done to check your levels and talk to doctor.