Some things I Have been Noticing

The past week or so I have Been noticing that I'll be in the Middle of a Conversation or Story and just all of the sudden look at the Person and say what was I Saying because I totally just forgot where this was Going.. and I've also Noticed that Here lately I will be saying something and Forget words like I will be talking about something and forget a simple word.. It irritates Me like CRAZY.. Has anyone else had this Problem..? Please tell me I Am not alone

hi ambz! you are not alone.. i get this all the time. absolutely does my nut in too!
i have to ask the person what we were talking about.. very embarrassing.

You are not alone at all. I now carry a tablet with me also. My short term memory is shot but I am also at the same time working on ways to help it wish you all the luck

Thank you for letting me know i am not alone

you definitely are not alone! I go through that all the time and get very frustrated when it happens. Most people understand though and are willing to wait for you to remember or remind you where you were going with the conversation.

I have that all the time. Whats even more frustrating for me is that I will be talking with someone that I have known for years and their name just leaves me. Its embarrassing!!

Before my diagnosis my nickname was ‘short term’ b/c of that exact reason. Everyone just thought I was a bit flighty. I’d trail off on a convo and forget I was even talking or at the very least forget what I was saying.
Imagine if we all got together…how confusing that convo would be with all of us forgetting what the hell we’re talking about :slight_smile:

I do the same things. Is any one else taking Topomax? I've read where Topomax can cause this.

Hi there! You are def not alone.....I'm getting ready to retire, but as part of my duties as a legal liason, I had to talk outloud in the courtroom to the Judge and other agencies involed and was constantly embarrased, thinking one thing and having something totaly different come out of my mouth, I finally accepted that it happens and choose to make a joke out of it rather than feeling embarassed. Now I just amuse the hubby and kids when I call the tv the couch or forget what I was talking about midstory, and leave things where they don't belong. My personal fave is cereal in the fridge and milk in the cabinet LOL Just try to cut your self some slack and stay strong! :)

wow... this is something that my co-workers have brought to my attention a lot lately... Didn't think to much about it until I just read your post... This is interesting but very frustrating. Yet another thing that I hope surgery changes.

Hiya, I have the same problem, struggle to find words then the wrong one comes out. Forget what I’m trying to explain, I was out with my husband, we were going to grab some lunch. I saw panini on the menu and said that sound tasty…wonder what it is, my husband gave me a quizzed look and said you know what a panini is… He thought I was mucking about until I started to cry…i had no recollection. When he explained what it was the memories came back. Lols. Now I don’t care so much, my brain regularly fires out the wrong words. Tends to e worse when I get tired or stressed. I still don’t have a date for my surgery which I hope will help with this but hey it’s fun getting people try to guess what you actually meant or where I have hidden the milk. X

This is so common around here with me we just say “you Chris’d it”. I would love to say I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you’re in good company!