So miserable and depression set in already?

I am so sorry to bitch so much. This is just more then I ever imagined. I did get to continue IV dilaudid last night and got some sleep. But my pain is still not what I would consider under control and yet I am being discharged today… I have seen Dr Tew once through all of this which was yesterday morning. The surgery resident that stapled my fricking head while I was awake was the one telling me this morning I will be headed home. I said headed home while still in major a** pain and I live 2 hours away. He said he will write my oxycodone for 15mg (3pills every 4 hours) at home versus here I get 2 plus the diauldid. And the robaxin and Valium and steriod ween off for home.

So now I wait for the nurse practioner to come bye and guess I will be headed out soon.

Been doing neck stuff been walking on my own but I can barely open my mouth it’s so sore, a huge knot on my tongue from the breathing tube sitting funny, a pressure headache about my eyes, the staple even fricking hurts to touch it or lay on that side which is the side I sleep on of course, my shoulders and neck hurts, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck and wasnt expecting this pain until I got home.

I swear hope I don’t regret this once I am healed and feeling a little better because right now my opinion on this surgery isn’t a good one. I have already cried again today with an anxiety attack, I just don’t know what my sticking problem is!

Thanks Emmaline, the resident surgeon did day the samething and apologized but he apologized a little too late. At least it got a little better last night and I got some sleep. The NP was not happy coming in here this morning finding out I was still on the diauldid all night and him wanting to send me home… I told her I am going home. There is no reason to stay here when I can give myself pills and be in my own bed.

So after waiting on hold for 30 min to order breakfast and an HOUR to get my omelette here which was ice cold I ordered another one… Then I will be getting ready for the two hour drive home.

I have had to talk to the manager of the cafeteria, the head person in the recovery room, and several nurses at different levels. For a top of the line chiari center with rave reviews it has been a horrible experience and yes I have names and will be writing a letter.

I will say the new “suite” for the chiari patients is nice and the nurses up here are awesome but everything else about this place sucks ass!

I will share a picture of my dinner… 2 cold chicken strips and SIX French fries…
430-image.jpg (2.1 MB)

lol no need to apologize I wasn’t even thinking! So I apologize and yes I cuss like a sailor too! Once I get ready to get the bleep out of here I will PM you my real feelings lol

Beeba said:
And if you want to send me a message privately you are more than welcome to load it up with the worst of the worst. And there are studies done proving that cussing during a painful experience can help alleviate pain. So let it fly at me privately - I talk like a sailor and I certainly have had to censor myself here out of respect for others. I am so sorry you are having a bad time. And know I am feeling bad for censoring this - as I think you need to get it out. I am sorry

Hang in there…you will get through this. I was in surgical ICU for 2 days, then the step down unit for another 6… I don’t think that there was a drug in that hospital that I wasn’t on. 18 months later I know it was bad, but I don’t really remember it.