So many symptoms? Or not!

Hi I was diagnosed jan 2012, 10mm herniation. I had a fall 12 months earlier which I am certain set of my symptoms. I have terrible arm and shoulder pain, my hand is very weak but NS says not chiari??? Also now getting numbness in hips feel like my skin is 10 inch thick very odd feeling also like this in my neck and shoulders. My headaches are a lot worse also. I had a sub arachnoid brain heammorhage in may 2012 so confusing what is from what? Lumbar puncture in nov showed CSF 31 pressure so on acetazolamide. Really fed up with feeling like head is full and may just wobble off HELP!!!

Al x

Tell me about the lumbar puncture I’m having one next Thursday!!! All the details oh I have the weird skin feeling thing on the right side of my body so much so where my arm feels like a cold rubber hunk sometimes gross. Do you get vibrations in your brain??

Hi brandi,

Rubber hunk is a good description!!! Yes I feel like my brain is quivering at times, very nausea and vomiting also at moment.

Lumbar puncture— I was terrified, but it was fine. Lay on Left side and worse part was dr feeling for correct space for 20 mins!!! They spray your back with local so it’s numb and then injected more local so I didn’t actually feel the main needle go in. My problem was afterwards, my CSF pressure was high 31, so they drained some off to help, it went o 15, I had the worst headache for 10 days low pressure nightmare!

Hi emmaline,

I havent had a cine Mri however I am seeing ns in morning so really need to know what to be asking for etc… I am under one of the best NS in country too so praying he os better 2 moro!!