So many questions and fears

I am finally switching neurologists. After knowing I had a chiari 1 8mm, found two years ago on a MRI after a slip on ice, I have been battling supposed Post concussion syndrome and migraines since. I reached out to a chiropractor for migraine relief and she wouldn't do more than exam me until she new it was safe which led me here.

The last 6 months have been quickly detiorating for me in terms of symptoms and 'new' problems. Three weeks ago I thought a stroke had happened and last thursday I was in the ER with heart attack symptoms. 3 years ago I was hiking a mountain while 9 months pregnant. Now I can't run around my back yard without excruciating pain and disorientation. So I am now waiting for an appointment to either rule this out or confirm and I am terrified. I can still work when I am not bedridden and I have a strong support system. It seems silly at times that the unknown is the scariest part. I am 31 with two children and a loving husband and I feel like I am getting farther and farther from myself. Even my emotions are less empathectic. I was always an involved mother and used to work in a daycare. Now I sit at a desk and tolerate the symptoms, noise is awful, a car ride can be awful. I am so sick of complaining but I am tooscared to stop. MY normal positive outlook has evaporated.

Help! Are these symptoms normal for some of you? What can I expect for a prognosis if I'm not at a point for surgery (hopefully not). Migraine medicine is not helpful, but are there other midcines that someof you try to help aleviate the symptoms instead of surgery?

Any advice or opinions are welcome, I am my own worst enemy now.

Thank you both. This message board has been quite the friend these last couple weeks. Granted some of the possibilites are quite terrifying. Thanks for the advice.