Slowing down a little to take care of myself for once

It feels a little like I am taking a step back but I made the decision to cut back at work & work part time from home. I am thankful that I have that opportunity. I live 25 miles from my office and the dizziness, pressure in my head, and balance issues are just making driving a little scary for me. I wanted to keep at it until my surgery in 6 weeks but realized I have to slow down and take care of myself. I also made arrangements to move my final set of college classes until the fall. I had notions that I would be able to go back 2 weeks post op (I do it online) but now as I struggle to finish my spring classes I realize I really need to take care of myself and take more time to recover. I have always had a bit of a superwoman syndrome but I am beginning to understand that with this disorder I need to take care of me & stop trying to take care of everything else.


I am proud of you. You listened to your body & did what is right for you & your family. You will be going into your surgery in a better frame of mind and physical readiness.

I think that’s a great idea! I’m glad you’re listening to your body and taking a step back. You’re right…we need to make our health a priority and take better care of ourselves. Good for you:)