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Sleep Study?

I have been having trouble breathing while sleeping since 07 after a awful chain reaction of illnesses , first I had appendicitis, then a blood clot in my lung, i couldn't undergo appendectomy until the clot was gone so my body filled with infection and I went into congestive heart failure, I went into emergency surgery and I woke up 15 days later from a coma in the ICU at Moreno Valley Community Hospital in Cal.

I have had overnight coughing , lots of tossing and turning , I tend to sleep on my belly with my head to the side , my husband says I stop breathing and make weird noises and I am extremely hard to wake up...does anyone else get reports from spouses that you're snoring? Coughing? Gurgling? Are you a deep sleeper is it hard to wake up?

My husband and I have shared 10 blessed years together and unfortunately in the past few months I have been sleeping on the couch because all my nuances bug him and he needs his sleep too!

I am irritated at the thought of a cpap machine ...I am extremely sensitive to feeling claustrophobic & if I have to wear one while sleeping I will never be allowed back in Bed...grr

So who can give me some advice on this ...I want to get a sleeping study but don't want a cpap machine

,so as it relates to snoring and gurgling what are some things to try ...does anything work...I have tried snore no mo strip but they come off or stick so bad that the next day I literally have 2 black eyes from ripping the strip off

Hi, Rebecca.

It does seem as if you may have sleep apnea considering symptoms you describe, but it is wise to work with your doctor and consider the sleep study. You will know for sure what is affecting your sleep and can go from there. I know there are some alternatives to CPAP, but I was told when I went looking for alternatives that CPAP treatment works the best at this point. I know, too, there are different less claustrophobic masks and it may be you may need only wear a nose maskā€¦

Good luck and I hope you find answers and rest soon.


Thank you so much, I am going to continue to work with my Dr.