Sleep! 6weeks post op....awful

I had insomnia before surgery, but now if I wake up, because of something…usually my kids… I can’t get back to sleep. My neck is sooo stiff…and even though I am so tired…I stay awake. fyi…I got up at 4am. Any suggestions, on how to best this. It makes for an awful day full of crappy headaches,(though not as bad as before surgery). I know if I got the rest I needed during the night I would have much better days. With a husband that works 10 hour days and travels every other week, and three small children…not to mention school starting full time for me in two weeks, I need my sleep. Any suggestions?

Are you still taking pain meds or muscle relaxers? After my surgery, I had a horrible time sleeping, I would sleep really good for a few hours when I first went to sleep, but once I would wake up, it would take forever to go back to sleep. Once I stopped taking my meds in the evening, I was back to normal.

maybe that’s what is going on. I take muscle relaxer about two hours before I go to bed, because my neck is still spasaming so much…and it is worse at night and first thing in the morning…I feel if I got better sleep I would be doing A LOT better. Is there anything else that can work for the spasms?

Before surgery I took Flexeril and I would sleep really good when I took them, but after surgery I was taking Somas and I beleive thats what was causing my sleeping problems because I was alreasy off the pain meds. Maybe you could switch to something else?

I am on Soma now, maybe I will change.

you know now that I think of it, when I was on valium right after the hospital, I did ok…I switched to Soma about two weeks ago…so maybe that is what it is…

Yeah, I really think thats what was causing my problems. When I first started taking it, I slept ok, but I think about 6-7 days after I started taking it is when I noticed I wasn't sleeping good. I even searched the internet to see if anyone else had problems with sleeping while on somas, but I only found a bunch of blogs and postings about people having problems sleeping that were addicted to it. I just quit taking it, but I wasnt having spasms, I just had a stiffness in my neck, so I'm not sure if that would be an option for you.

Jenutny said:

you know now that I think of it, when I was on valium right after the hospital, I did ok....I switched to Soma about two weeks maybe that is what it is...

I use it too. It's a natural muscle relaxer. If you take to much it will give you the runs.

razzle51 said:

Magnesium Citrate for sleep ??? I thougth that was for constipation


I have terrible insomnia and someone here mention Melatonin and I have been taking 1mg at night and it has helped me some. I am contemplating taking 2mg but I am easing into it because I am very sensitive to medication and some vitamins. Emmaline's sugestion is great too Magnesium also helps me with muscle pain and to relax some. I hope this clears up for you and you start feeling better soon. You definitely need your rest especially while recovering.