Skin Tearing.... Could Someone Please Help?

Dear Friends,

I am having some trouble with my skin tearing on my right fingers. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what have you done to remedy this problem? My neurologist has not returned my calls yet and I am in pain. I cleaned out my fingers, put lotion on it and put a bandaid on it to keep it moist. Is there anything else I can do? Thank you in advance for your advise and I am new to this experience. God bless you all!



Sorry, I have never had that issue on my fingers...BUT...I did have the same type of thing on both my feet...and it was not athletes feet..weirdest thing....I made sure I kept them well moisturized and wore whit socks.

sorry I can't be of more help..hopefully there is someone here who has dealt with the finger issue....good luck.

I didnt know dry skin was a chiari problem?
I only get cracked hands in cold weather and heat spots in hot weather lol… stupid hands

I have the same problem and it stings like hell… i get thousands of cracks in hands and fingers so i asked a pharmasist and she suggested e45 cream or a cream called lotil… i got the lotil and it worked amazingly… my hands are so soft now too!!

Try and find this cream the first few times sting… but after afew days its like u didnt have a previous problem!

I stopped using for a week and over the weekend a few cracks in knuckles came back so regular use seems to be a must.

I am from the UK so lotil might not be available where u are? If so I would ask a pharmasist for a recommendation!