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Sitting up or laying down MRI matter in diagnoses?

Anyone that got both a standing/sitting mri and a laying down mri, what was the difference if any, in how much your cerebellum descends into the spinal column? The reason I ask is my symptoms reseed when I lay down, but are still their and if I sit up or stand the symptoms get worse, like my headache/migraine will be a 1-4 out of 10 pain when laying down yet if I sit up even just in bed it will go up to 6-8 out of a 10 pain and also things like foggy brain gets way better laying down. So would me getting a sitting up mri help me & my doctors in understanding what treatment to take.
P.S. I can post screenshot of my mri pic if anyone wants.

Interested in hearing any replies to your questions. My daughter’s symptoms seem about the same regardless of position, with the exception of difficulty breathing. When she has an “episode” where she has trouble breathing, sitting up is always better. She also prefers to stand after sitting for any length of time to help relieve her back pain.