Sitting to long

does any one else feel like the pain gets worse, or feels sick from sitting to long in the car or anywhere else? the right side of my head and some times my side bothers me when sitting to long. any ideas that might help? i take a pillow with me in the car and some times its help

Yes! Cars have been a source of anxiety for me. Before decompression, I would get severe headaches, dizziness and even vomit from the motion of the car. As long as the car was moving I was semi okay, but stopping was the worst! Since my surgery eight months ago, I still have issues with it. Oddly it is the right side of my head that hurts the worst. I have weakness and numbness on the left side and pain on the right. Try reclining your seat as far back as possible, it helps. You can also try phenergan or antivert, these seem to help with the motion sickness. As far as the pain is concerned, I haven't figured that one out yet. I have noticed that keeping my chin tucked relieves some of the pressure.


thanks i will try with reclining the seat and the chin tucked, it my right side of the head that hurts too and weakness on the left