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Sinus pain


Hi, I am new to the group & have recently been told I have Chiari after years of headaches. I was wondering if anyone suffered sinus type pain & if this was a symptom? I am always decongested on the right side of my head (which is the side I get headaches) & doctors have put it down to rhinitis. Does anyone else have similar issues?


I have always had sinus issues. Lots of sinus infections, pain n toothaches. I had teeth pulled because my sinuses set low n caused so much pain. No one has ever said it’s related to me but I feel it is. Just my opinion. When my chiari got bad I developed bad nose bleeds. Something I suffered from in my younger years n some over the years. I am 58. I finally had to have my nose cartarized. They didn’t completely stop till I had the decompression surgery. I have terrible sinus trouble since having the decompression surgery. I think n hope n pray it will subside in time. I just wish the noise in my ears had gotten better. It has only gotten worse. Good luck to you!


Ele – I would encourage you to get another opinion as you may have more than one thing happening. Chiari headaches typically radiate from the back of the skull and up the sides and are often mistaken for migraines. They also typically include stiff necks. Migraines on the other hand, are typically on one side of the head and often present with secondary symptoms like sinus infections (stuffy nose, facial pressure).

Have you ever taken migraine meds? If so, did they work?

This is not to say Chiari isn’t causing headaches! It’s well known that Chiari can cause terrible headaches. Both Chiara and migraines can also kick off the trigeminal nerve system which can cause facial pain, facial pressure, and feeling of a stuffy nose. If your headaches are always on one side though, it makes me wonder.



I get bad migraines too. I also have an aura causing me to get blurred vision in my right eye as a migraine is about to come on. Docs can’t give me a reason for the sinus pain other than possible rhinitis. I have a neurologist appointment in June, so hoping to find out more as feel a bit lost. I only take ibruprofen & paracetamol for my migraines & if I take as soon as my vision goes I can cope with the pain. I am hoping to find out if Chiari is the cause of my stabbing head pains that happen throughout the day or if it’s a side effect of the migraines.
Thank you for your replies guys.