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Shoulder blade/trapezius pain - Post surgery

I am almost three months post decompression surgery, for chiari type1 with large syrinx. I have been getting better week to week - ( in fact I was back at work by week 4). Some nausea, headaches but mostly ok.
HOWEVER- I have the most frustrating tension, and pain radiating from my right shoulder blade. On my right side from my neck to down under my right shoulder blade, all down my right side torso - there are many muscle knots. (None on the left) Some large lumps some small, littered across my trapezius. It feels like I desperately need a deep tissue massage and these knots to go. No amount of stretching helps, I have seen other posts, what do people recommend? Botox injections? Trigger point release? Acupuncture? Massage? Any unusual or regular practices give you release? I desperately need space under my shoulder blade. I can’t do much about it right now given the circumstances but some hope to try Anything after lockdown will be good,
I had this pain severely before surgery, I always put it down to weightlifting and overdoing the gym, and a previous shoulder injury ( before diagnosis) Now I have learnt chiari condition - muscles actually actively work against each other usually on one side. Desperate for some relief ( that isn’t medication - I have plenty of that - muscle relaxers etc don’t work ) many thanks :slight_smile: - also just bought some magnesium as heard that can help. Take care all :heart:

Trigger Point Therapy Work out by Claire Davies is an excellent do-it-yourself book to help with the immediate muscle pain. Tennis ball on the rug works great. That won’t solve the problem but perhaps strengthening the lower and mid trapezius in prone position will! I am sure that there are examples on youtube. There are easier positions than the standard ones that you find online if those are too hard. There are goals to achieve before pain relief happens and it can take some time! Technique is important

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Thank you very much ! I will check that out now :slight_smile: