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Should I See the Dr?


Hey everyone -
Just wanted to get some opinions from other people who have the same condition and understand what I’m going through.

Since last year I had random sharp pain I would feel in my left temple, which was one of the symptoms that lead me to find a doctor to send me for a head MRI and was diagnosed with Chiari Type 1. As of that MRI last March I did not have any CSF blockage issues and had a 8mm herniation.

Over the last few weeks the pain is more often and also aches. I experience pain from my left shoulder blade, through my neck and up through the temple. It’s bearable thankfully, but I feel a lot of pressure in the back of my head at the base of my neck as well.

I know I probably am going to need another MRI, but just wanted to see how long you guys wait before running to the doctor for every new ache / pain / symptom you feel.



How about a compromise? Give the doctor’s office a call, or (even better) email them and tell them what you just said above. They will have a better idea of what’s significant than we do: we’re not doctors (nor do we play them on the internet).

We prefer to be safe than sorry, so you know what we are going to say.

Seenie from Moderator Support