Should I get a myelogram

My cine MRI shows that I have multiple disc bulging in my thoracic area. I sid sone research and it says that it could be osteoarthritis. It can be confirmed with having a myelogram which involves a lumbar puncture.

Your thoughts? ???

Nikki. – was that an outdated web site you were on? They are not all reliable. Mylograms are rare these days. MRI’s have improved and generally take their place. Hugs Mylocat

Nykki, I agree that a myelogram may not be needed at this point- I would avoid having a lumbar puncture unless they need to check your pressures. I’m glad you are getting answers as to why you are in so much pain- that’s a huge step forward. Your poor head, Nykki! No wonder! I think you (everybody!) should get the flex ext MRI and rotational CT scans. To the trained NS this can rule out or confirm the mechanical and structural cranio cervical instabilities. Milo at mentioned a soft collar- I think this is a great idea to try. If you do have instabilities it may help. My collar took the pain from an 8 down to a two…not bad. With the bulging disks in T-spine it really raises the EDS flag for me.

I read your story about you and your sister- what a traumatic thing to go through :frowning: I’m sorry that happened to you and that you have that in your memory bank.

Hugs, Jenn