Should I get a 2nd oppinion? Pls Help


Here's a pic of my MRI. It's 2cm long and I've been having headaches and symptoms from it my whole life. I went to the neurosurgeon today and he took all of 2 minutes to say yeah you have CM (which obviously I already knew) and that he will make a 2 inch incision in my head and shave back the bone. I asked him about the duro thing to make sure it doesn't slide back down and he said he doesn't do that and that it won't slide back down. I have read where it does though and there are some surgeons that do the duro thing on all their pts. Does anyone have any input on this? I'm scheduling a 2nd opinion at Duke with Dr. Grossi if anyone has any experience with him. The one I went to today was Dr. Patel at MUSC in SC.

Its 2 cm (22mm). The doctor i saw today is a neurosurgeon at MUSC and the one I’m going to get the 2nd opinion from is a neurosurgeon at Duke.