Shortness of breath and tightness in chest...CM symptom?

Hello, I have seen some information about CM and Syringomyelia symptoms include respitory issues such as sleep apnea, but does it bring on asthma-like symptoms? Does anyone else have respitory symptoms, not neccisarily sleep apnea?

Prior to my MRI that demonstrated CM, I had been to doctor for respitory issues. I never smoked, and I was able to run 10-15 miles a week without feeling out of breath, but I was having trouble getting air out felt like my breath was too shallow and I would get random tightness in my chest when I was just doing normal daily activity or resting. I took tests for heart and respitory issues. Heart is fine but I demonstrated symptoms for asthma. Dr assumes it was allergies…even though I have been tested and have never shown any allergic reaction. I was prescribed two inhalers and daily allergy meds. I still have these issues and use my inhaler a couple times a day. I wonder if my CM could be the cause of my respitory symptoms…?

Hi dogrunner, I am sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. Have you talked to your doctor recently about this? It might be worth another visit with your doctor to further examine. Hang in there and keep us updated on how you are doing. Gentle hugs.

well I was born with asthma and CM1 and I cant eat any shell fish and I see a lung doctor for my asthma and I never smoked and when i'm around smokers the next day i have a lot of mucus and I cough up blood I cant be around smokers

I would consult your doctor asap. Sometimes chiari can cause respiratory issues.

Hey there,

I have similar feelings sometimes. Like a tightness around my chest (and can feel it around my back, between my shoulder blades). And like I have a bit of shortness to my breath. Mine passes fairly quickly each time, but it is super uncomfortable. As of one month ago I didn't have any syrinx. So I just assume mine is CM. But I try not to analyze too much… sometimes unsuccessfully lol.

I have respiratory issues with my Chiari and have had many dr visits including lung function tests to allergists. Nothing came back abnormal. Dr.'s look at me like I have two heads! I used to be able to do 40 min on elyptical at the gym, now I can't even do a few minutes. But my tightness and breathing happens at night when I lay down. Very strange. I do notice that it happens when my neck and shoulders get real tight. It's like the tightness must swell up in my neck and cause inflammation by brain stem that controls my breathing. Very strange.


Thanks for the replies. My focus with doctor visits have been predominantly about my bad headaches and dizziness. CM presents itself in so many possible symptoms I feel I need to prioritize to avoid looking like I’m just piling it on…even though we seem to have those days where it just feels like everything hurts and my body is not working the way it is supposed to! …also doctors seem to tune out after the first couple of symptoms, write a prescription and send me on my way…I will bring up respitory issues again next time.

I had a lot of difficulty breathing in the day time but what made them do my surgery quickly is that I was having episodes were I was unable to breath at night. Since my surgery I still have apnea and use a CPAP but it is nothing like before.

I would make sure they check your breathing at night.

I had my surgery 8/12/2013 and I felt so much better but just recently I started having my symptoms coming back

Good Luck - Remember you need to be your own advocate

My daughter has episodes where her chest feels tight and she has trouble breathing but she is still getting plenty of oxygen. She also has POTs (a lot of Chiarians also have this condition) and this is a common side effect. But I would definitely talk to your doctor as soon as possible.