Share your Symptoms. Share your Relief

not sure if there's another discussion but as someone who's symptoms have got REALLY bad the last week or so ... I thought we could help each other out by sharing what you do (or take) to get relief.

as someone who doesnt like to take a ton of Rx ... I'd like to see what you do to help yourself

1. bad....bad uneasiness or dizziness or disorientation...especially upon standing or walking.

****I usually try to avoid getting up...but when I have to or think i can, i feel like dying. It's not really HEADACHE per se but more like feeling SUPER SUPER SUPER drunk. And not the "I'm gonna get lucky" drunk. The "God, kill me" drunk.

Klonopin helps.

A cold rag on my head helps.

2. That horrible morning headache. Feels like stabbing in the foramen magnum and swelling of the brain back there.

Tylenol. 500mg at a time.

Cold rag on head.

3. Nystagmus feeling or even panic attack feeling

Klonopin (.25 mg at a time)

4. Confusion or feels like mind is RACING

Klonopin (.25 mg at a time)

5. Ear fullness associated with fogginess and unsteadiness

Overall ... is there any head position you guys use to keep the CSF flowing or stop the overall feelings of crumminess?

I was diagnosed in July with Chiari and have a 10mm herniation. I went to the ER due to stroke like symptoms - dizziness, vision imbalance, severe headaches, chest pains blood pressure issues. My local neurosurgeon keeps telling me that Chiari will not cause dizziness or vision issues and keeps pushing me toward a neurologist for treatment with meds. The meds aren’t working at all and the only relief I get is taking heavy doses of pain meds and going to sleep. I am seeing another NS in Dallas this coming Wednesday. From what I have read I am having symptoms related to POTS. My blood pressure and heart rate are not reacting to changes in my body when I stand. I also stay cold most of the time. My body temp is staying around 97.5. Praying to find help soon. Quality of life has gone down the drain over the last few months.

Edwin ... I get all those symptoms too ... but haven't been admitted to ER.

Have you tried Klonopin?

Is your headache(s) at the base of your skull area?

Wonder & Edwin.....How are you both????


What kind of Dr is treating you?