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Shadow over vision

So right now I am 4 months post op (procedure on April 1st, it is 7/13/19 today), and recently I have been noticing some funky things in my vision. I started noticing it when i was in my third, maybe end of second month of recovery. I wasn’t concerned cause I had just gotten out of surgery recently, and thought it would go away. Honestly, I’m not too insanely worried. I just briefly mentioned it to my family members so far, and I see my neurologist for my 3-month post op on the 16th, and am planning on mentioning it there.

But, basically, I have noticed that there is a dark shadow over my right vision. It isn’t pitch black, and it is more noticeable in my vision when lights in a room are dim. When I am in a dim room, I can see the shadow and I can’t really see anything in my room, as to compared to my left eye. So, when a room is dim, I can basically not see anything out of my right eye. It might just be the different perceptions of my eyes, but I thought I would just mention it here and see if anyone relates, or knows anything.

It kind of sucks cause I heavily depend on my right vision, because it is significantly better than my left eye. My vision is super blurry on my left eye, when im not wearing glasses, so I usually focus on things better with my right eye. But regardless, can anyone relate, or does anyone know anything about something like this? Or am I just being too worried about it…? Would love to hear from anyone <3 thanks!


Have you been checked out by an eye doctor? Have you shared this with your doctor? If you haven’t already, I would strongly encourage you to do so. I’m not sure if it can be corrected, but you should certainly be monitored for this.


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I haven’t yet. I was going to confront my neurologist about it and see what she says, since that appointment is already so close. I also haven’t seen my eye doctor (for my glasses, I can’t see far distances) for about 2 years now, when I would see them yearly. But I’ll be sure to mention it to my neurologist.

Ahh, a word of caution in ‘confronting’ the neurologist. From experience, they don’t like it. Even in asking what they interpret as ‘impertinent questions’ they tend to get a bit anti. When I queried eye issues I was told, 'Ohh that’s your vision, has nothing to do with what we’ve done", I was then given a referral to an ophthalmologist and his response “Well, you’ve had brain surgery what do you expect…?” I didn’t exactly expect ‘This’. But neither were of any great help.

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ohh i see. ill be sure to see my personal eye doctor soon then as well. never can be too safe i suppose


So I saw my neurologist today for my 3 month post op, and told her about the vision issues. She wanted to get me a brain, and part of spine MRI today, but they couldn’t fit me in for both today. She also told me to go see an eye specialist. She seemed pretty urgent about the whole thing, which to be honest, kind of made me nervous…

But, I have my MRI on Thursday at 2:30 pm, so I guess I’ll see if there is anything on there…

The vision problem that you’re describing is definitely concerning, and I’m glad that your doctor is in agreement. Did the doctor want you to see your regular eye doctor, or a neuro-ophthamologist?

I’m just glad to see that you’re getting checked out on this.


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She wants me to see a ophthalmologist. I haven’t seen one yet, but I mentioned it to my mom again today and she said she would schedule it soon.