Sexual dysfunction and Chiari

I am new here. I cannot find posts related to this thread so I thought I would start one. Please guide me to posts on this topic if there are any.

Has anyone experienced orgasm as a trigger for Chiari events? For years I have had memory-loss, anxiety, and headach events triggered by having an orgasm. I have been worked up extensively for temporal lobe seizures as an explanation for this but there is no evidence for epilepsy. I wonder if Chiari syndrom could account for this.

Thank you.

Hi Martie,
Doesn’t look like anyone has any input on the subject so far but I can say that it has been the complete opposite for me. My main symptom was/is headache but experience relief during and shortly after orgasim. Of course symptoms return but its a nice bonus for a bit for me.
Maybe for you the pressure/ strain of orgasim causes issues? Maybe try to relax, not hold breath and exhale during the awesome moment. Worth a shot :flushed:
Good luck!

before i had the surgery, i would get those thunderclap headaches right before i was about to orgasm.

Oh my goodness, thank you. You are the first person to contribute to this
thread. This condition is so mysterious. My latest is that I had a Chiari
event while doing rehab exercises in PT: step up; step down, 45 times and
whammo: memory loss.
I hope your surgery is continuing to help you.

Sorry, second person. Ginram also responded for which I am grateful.

no problem lol. my boyfriend made me go see a doctor after it kept happening and thats how i found out i had chiari. Chiari varies so drastically from person to person and its hard to figure out whats “normal” anymore lol.