September Awareness

For those who do social media well and often, I have created the following status, post, tweet (it is over 140 characters) or whatever they are called you can share, use, copy, etc again whatever it is called.

September is Chiari Malformation month and you say or ask so what or what do you want me to do about it. Some may even say WTF, every month is something. I am not giving any money is also common.

Here is all I ask of you, and you can do it any time or anywhere. Take 10 - 15 minutes and do a google search on Chiari Malformation. Please use .org sites they do not want your money or business. READ. If you do not want to ask me or some of the people on my friend list; many of them are afflicted, parents of children who are afflicted, or caretakers for those who are afflicted.

That is all I ask, inform and/or educate yourself. We are not lazy, moochers, fakers, hypochondriacs, or any other label you wish to give us. We are people who suffer from an invisible illness that can ruin lives, brain surgery is a ONLY A TREATMENT NOT A CURE , NOT EVERYONE HAS SUCCESS with the surgery.

As I get off of my soap box and the brief seminar is over, here are 3 sites if you do not wish to Google:


or just ask me.

Any thoughts or feeling on improvement would be welcome and you are free to use the above. No need to give credit as all of us are in the struggle and raising awareness. Have a good day/night wherever you are in the world. Peace Happiness and Love to all of you