Sent the pre screen form to Mayfield

After a disappointing visit with the ns here I decided not to mess around with trying to find another one here in Indy and just send my stuff to Mayfield. So I did it today. I am having so much anxiety about everything. How do y'all deal with nerves and anxiety and worry and stuff? I have been more anxious the last few years anyway, now it's just magnified.


Not much advice on anxiety but I can’t recommend Mayfield enough. Dr. Ringer did my surgery on Oct. 15 and I’ve already seen improvement. Plus the staff is so nice and helpful!

Have they contacted you yet? I am wondering because I sent my info to them yesterday and am trying to guess how long it will be until I get a reply from them?

I heard from them the next day after sending my prescreening form. They took some more info and asked me to send my MRI disk and report. I mailed that Friday, was due to be delivered yesterday. Now I am waiting to hear from them. He said it would be maybe 4-5 days after they got my disk that I would hear back.

Thank you for replying! I sent my pre screen last night. I haven’t heard anything today but I am waitin. I sent my forms and reports I have by email and am hoping for a response soon. I am desperate to have some clarity about things. I hope things go well for the both of us. I hear this center is fantastic!

Sometimes antidepressants help with anxiety or mayybe Xanax when it gets too bad.

I heard back today and have an appointment for a flow study and to see Dr. Tew near the end of the month.