Second child who is three also getting symptoms

My 5 year old Aidan was diagnosed last summer with Chiari and decompression surgery December 2011.
Now my 3 year old Ian is having swallowing problems. Our pediatrian is starting the process of getting a diagnosis for Ian now.
I don’t know if we can handle this 2 years in a row. Aidan has been doing wonderfully, but still has headaches on occassion.
All other symptoms gone. Ian really don’t have any other symptoms, unless hyperactivity is a symptom. Lol

Good luck with your three-year-old. One day at a time, and you will get through this. Let us know as you find out more.

Stay strong.

I hope everything goes well. I actually had my older son go through an MRI because he complained of headaches a lot. Everything came back fine thank God. I haven't even got thru the first surgery wasn't sure if I could handle two. You will be in my prayers.

MRI are pretty regular for us now. Our older son had a head injury in kindergarten and ended up having a seizure due to a concussion. That’s how we know he does not have Chiari. Aidan had 2 MRI’s before surgery and one 3 months after the surgery. He is finally able to do it without sedation.

I really worry he has it and I dont want him to have to go through this too. I have a lot of support from family, friends and church. however worrying about his future is hard enough without this diagnosis. i have seen so many talk about disability and such and i just hope Aidan’s never gets
that bad, let alone Ian to also struggle.

They are doing an upper GI June 25th to make sure Ian does not have any anatomy issues effecting his swallowing. Waiting on approval from insurance company for an MRI for him also. all of this pricess started when Aidan’s comprehensive care nurse called from Anthem and we started discussing his little brother. We had been worried about it for awhile, but did not talk to the doctor about it. the nurse suggested we start the process and gave me resources about clinincal trials etc.