Seattle area PCP recommendation

Just got off the phone with my new PCP, I'm pretty sure I'm in love :) Happily married by the way, so nothing weird, he's just wonderful, and he knows about Chiari, yay!!!

His name is Dr. Marco Vespignani, and he's an Integrative doctor in Seattle. We have an hour long appointment in a couple of weeks (my schedule problems, not his), and he says he can read MRIs. Plus he's got a lovely voice, and he's just nice to talk to. Here's his website, if you're in the Seattle area, it might be worth it to check him out:

If you're not already aware, an integrative doctor is a holistic doctor who can and will prescribe medications, order traditional testing, and is educated in conventional medicine. I find that they are the most involved, and the appointments are way longer (an hour or more) and very in depth. Some insurance policies do not cover naturopathic doctors, so it's worth it to check before your appointment. Also, he cannot prescribe pain medications, but he has said he can refer to a pain management doctor.

I sent their office an email yesterday describing my medical situation, and he sent back a really informational response today. When I called to make an appointment, he was covering the phones, so I got to talk to him and ask him a couple of questions. He worked with a neurologist in California who had Chiari patients, and is familiar with syrinxes and the effects they have on patients. He also has quite a few patients with MS, Parkinsons, and transverse myelitis, so he is familiar with the neurology side of things.

He talked to me about a radiologist at Swedish (who I looked up months ago, one of the best radiologists in this area) that he refers his patients to who require MRIs. SO EXCITED!!!

Okay, done with the blathering on :) I've been putting off looking for another PCP, just hate explaining my story with the attendant symptoms, so I'm relieved to have explained my situation and not been turned down, or blown off.

Will update after my appointment to let you know how it goes.


You are so lucky! I am in a rural area and the doctors here do not look outside the box...ever! I would love to have an integrative doctor! I can't wait to hear how your appointment goes! :)