Search Continues for Neuro/Pain Dr

I am still searching for help dealing with the ongoing syptoms of chiari after dx surgery a year ago. I am so tired of being treated like a incompetent crazy person. Does anyone have any recommendations in the Houston, TX area?

No but I am so sorry to hear how docs treat you. Personally, I've felt as if every time I go to the doc with an issue, the first questions they ask are about depression and the state of my marriage (which is great, btw). I have to make them check for other things (found thyroid issues once, REALLY cronic low iron another time, etc,...) LET ALONE BIG THINGS LIKE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH! Surely, there are amazing docs out there it's just a struggle to find them esp when you're hurting! Stay strong!!

I feel the same way. My husband said that he understands why people look at me like I’m crazy, because it is sound crazy. That’s why he goes to every appointment with me because he sees it first hand and can tell them about how bad it is sometimes.

Gma…I had a doctor ask me yesterday " is this your husband?" and then" are you still married?"… Uh, duh…no, he just likes to come to doctors appointments with his crazy ex-wife…really, can we concentrate on my medical problems? My marriage is wonderful and my husband is a saint for putting up with me

I don't have a reccomendation, because I live in Va., but please know I am thinking about you. We have all been in your place at one time or another.

I will ask people in from Chiari support group I meet with once a month. I can let you know if they recommend anyone.