Say hello to Joan!

Hi @Joan,

Welcome to your new community!
I am sorry to hear about your broken foot. I hope you get better quickly! We have many members who have a lot of falling spells just like you. Do you find coordination to be difficult or do you just get dizzy?
We would love to hear from you about your life. You can click on “New Topic” in the general discussion. Just Introduce yourself!

Reach out to me whenever!

Hi Jacob
Thank you for letting me join your group. My diagnoses is very new and I’m getting my “Google Fu” on while I wait for an MRI. :blush:
It all seems a bit confusing right now. My GP was horrified at my ultrasound as he has never had a patient with Chiari before me lol
Kind regards

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Sorry. I realised I never answered your question. I have always been dreadfully uncoordinated, (I never graduated from my boot scooting class as I always ended up facing the wrong way :smile:),but the dizziness is relatively new.
I’m a carer/support worker and as active as I can be given that I have severe arthritis.
I feel sad as this all seems like another physical drawback to overcome. I love my work and want to get back to being useful.
Thanks for listening to my whingeing :expressionless:
Kind regards

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Haha! I like the boot scooting class! I was kind of in a similair way as that. What kind of support work do you do? I am glad that our community can give back to you now!