Saw neurologist after 15 yrs

Saw neurologist today for the fluid build up and have to get eyes checked every 3 months and get a lumbar puncture evey 3 months. Im also being put on meds to help slow down the CFS fluid production then have a referral to see a neurosurgeon for a shunt eventually. Should I seek out a second option from another neurologist I really do not want a lumbar puncture evey months.

Hello, so sorry to hear you have to have a lumbar puncture every 3 months. I am no expert but in my opinion I would seek for a second opinion. It’s your life, your body and your health. I would not settle for one doctor’s diagnosis. What if he’s wrong and you put yourself through all those months and possibly years of lumbar punctures? If he’s right then you have nothing to lose. Good luck to you dear.

I’ve been listening to neurologists that specialize in Chiari online & if I’m not mistaken, aren’t we supposed to avoid lumbar punctures? I’m new so I’m still learning but I can say that I would get a second opinion. It’s your right and your body and you are your best advocate.

I always say the more options the better. the more you can learn the better educated you will be and come to the best solution for you. It never hurts to talk, and gather information. if you have any doubts or are uncomfortable keep talking to other experts.